Sorting it out… COVID thoughts.

We’re not focusing on the root causes.

Gene Crawford
3 min readAug 11, 2020

Let’s start with a person you know, let’s name him Bill. Bill was around someone you have not been around, let’s call her Barbara, roughly 7–10 days ago (not necessarily fully socially distanced and wearing a mask…) Barbara tells you both she has tested positive for COVID-19. She is doing what she’s supposed to do by telling you, right?

Now, neither you nor Bill are displaying any symptoms… Should you then tell everyone where you work and have come in contact with elsewhere over the past few days yourself?

How far does contact tracing need to go?

Do you then need to tell everyone you’ve been around too?

How far does it go before it’s simply not feasible anymore?

Where is the line drawn?

At what point does it matter because in those 7–10 days, how many people have you been in contact with in some shape or form?

If you are not someone who is quarantining at home and are able to limit the people you are around to say 1–3 people. Then you’ve been around, easily 20–30 different people. You can probably be near this many people easily if you’ve just gone to the grocery store… and like me, you need to go into your business(es) — it’s just not that easy or realistic for everyone to be able to quarantine. It’s reality. (PS: I am not advocating for zero contact tracing, or you know, being a responsible human being…)

This is all stuff we worry about AFTER… what can you do BEFORE?

Let’s shift gears…

I think we’re focusing on symptoms. Not literal COVID symptoms, but symptoms that are getting thrown off by society and largely driven by social media’s echo chambers as a result of this fast spreading virus.

It’s common knowledge that COVID combined with what they call a co-morbidity or simultaneous chronic illness is by and large what is causing death in those that have it the worst. Understand what that word means; ‘chronic’. This means that it’s an illness or situation that has always been present and causes other negative symptoms — you know, like death.

You know, like being obese, out of shape cardiovascular-ly, or maybe being a smoker or alcohol/drug abuser. Those are all chronic conditions that greatly increase your risk of dying from contracting COVID.

I’m not saying that taking precautions is wrong or makes you dumb or whatever either side you fall on says to other people. I’m saying that “all this” talking about it is making us focus on the wrong things. We’re focused on the political argument about mask wearing, mouth breathing and contact tracing… it’s a symptom of what has come out of this and not one of the root causes.

We should instead be focused on ONE of the actual root causes and that seems like it starts with not being overweight, being in moderate cardiovascular shape and not doing stupid things like smoking. Yeah, maybe you can’t help a chronic condition you have, like asthma or god knows what else, I get it. I’m talking about things we CAN control and work on, easily. Things that all it takes is a little discipline and self control.

Even Dr. Fauci exercises every day, he walks at least 3 miles per day. He’s 79 years old. He is the leading Dr. in the country — literally the main dude telling us to mask up and he makes exercising a priority, every day! [Source]

Experts who study this thing will tell you that if you have a BMI over the range of 25 to be at risk and then at or over 30 at extreme risk of complications from COVID due to it being a co-morbidity. [Source]

So what i’m trying to sort out in my mind is why do we insist on fixating and arguing over all this mundane, pointless stuff. Yes, quarantine at the level you can do it. Mask up. Keep 6' apart when/where you can. Wash those hands. Do all that stuff. Obviously — this isn’t a post about NOT doing those things. This isn’t meant to discuss you losing your ‘freedoms’. Unless you consider NOT eating chicken nuggets and drinking as much beer as you want to be losing your freedom…



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